Student and Instructor Relationship (Sajeji Do)


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韓國人從孔子儒家思想觀念中了解到對老師的尊重。 這種關係一直很被受到重視。韓國有一句古老諺語說:“父母對我有養育之恩,而老師就是教育我的父母。” 這就是為什麼得要求學生像尊重父母親一樣的尊重老師。

From the Confucian values the Korean learned a deep sense of respect for his teachers. This relationship has always been an important one. An old Korean proverb states, "father and mother are the parents who bring me up while a teacher is the parent who educates me ." This is the reason why a student was expected to pay as much respect to his teacher as he would to his parents.


Accordingly, both instructor and student owe a debt of responsibility to each other, that can never be paid.

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