ITF 跆拳道總共有幾個段級?

  ITF 國際跆拳道分為十級九段。 色帶分十級,十級最低一級最高,顏色以白為最低,逐步升高為白黃、黃、黃綠、綠、綠藍、藍、藍紅、紅、紅黑,最後一個是黑帶象徵從空白到大地、植物覆蓋、生長向天空,以及危險。可參考ITF 跆拳道段級

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International Taekwon-Do Federation, which was found in 1966, is a worldwide taekwon-do organization that promotes and maintains the true, tranditional taekwon-do.


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