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  • 徹底明白及掌握力學的原理。
  • 清楚地瞭解各動作的目的和意義。
  • 眼、手、腳及呼吸的動作要化為同一時間進行。
  • 選擇適當的攻擊工具去攻擊各要害。
  • 熟識攻擊及防守的正確角度及距離。
  • 當一個動作在進行時,要保持手臂及腿輕微彎曲。
  • 除了某特別情況之外,所有動作應以一個向後的反作用力開始。但是當一個動作開始就要一氣呵成,直至達成目標。
  • 懂得運用膝蓋的上下反彈去產生 Sine Wave。
  • 除了連續動作之外,每個動作都要瞬時呼氣。
  • To study the theory of power thoroughly.
  • To understand the purpose and meaning of each movement clearly.
  • To bring the movement of eyes, hands, feet and breath into a single coordinate action.
  • To choose the appropriate attacking tool of each vital point.
  • To become familiar with the correct angle and distance for attack and defense.
  • Keep both the arms and legs bent slightly while the movement is in motion.
  • All movements must begin with a backward motion with a very few exceptions. However once the movement is in motion, it should not be stopped before reaching the target.
  • To create a sine wave during a movement by utilizing the knee spring properly.
  • To exhale briefly at the moment of each blow except a connecting motion.

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